Holvi for Bookkeeping

Benefits for Bookkeeping. Holvi business current account is designed to make your life easier by integrating business tools and bookkeeping capabilities for an end-to-end business banking solution. Manual and tedious tasks are now automated so you can do the books more efficiently and without hassle.

Easier Banking

Holvi combines all the features of a traditional IBAN business account with new and powerful tools that actually help you run your business. This is more than a place to store money.

Holvi business current account is a IBAN-account, which is the European standard for bank accounts. All the payment features you’d expect – high security, EU transfers in just a few clicks and no sign-up fees – but purpose built for the digital era. Access all banking services quickly and efficiently online without the hangovers of traditional banking.

Besides traditional features, Holvi account has the business tools you need for running your business. It has built-in invoicing tool and you can even do direct sales with your own online store. Tedious bookkeeping tasks are automated with paperless bookkeeping features so you can concentrate on things that matter.

Easier Bookkeeping

Holvi accounts come fully integrated with free bookkeeping tools. Transactions, receipts and other bookkeeping materials are recorded and bookkeeping reports are generated automatically.

Holvi helps with two mundane bookkeeping tasks: recording transactions & proofs and making automated reports out of them. With Holvi’s mobile application you can record proof for every transaction with few clicks – no more tedious receipt hassle. All send invoices are recorded automatically as well as online store sales. Holvi also makes automated reports like VAT-report, general ledger and bookkeeping journal.

Get tedious manual tasks off your plate so that you can focus on business opportunities rather than recording numbers. And by integrating everything together and generating useful reports on company finances, you are always up to date with your finances.

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Everything in One Place

Business and money management has traditionally had to be handled by a whole bunch of different systems; at least a bank account plus an invoicing system plus a box of receipts. This means loads of manual work switching between them, copying data from one to another and trying to synchronise them.

Holvi includes all that, all seamlessly integrated. Invoicing tool & online store sales bring money to your account and repetitive bookkeeping tasks are automated so you can concentrate on things that matter.

Receipts are stored instantly. Transactions are automatically recorded for your accounting. Invoices can be generated and payments recorded. All without you having to do much.

This is how business finances should work. Everything works together, is easily accessible and many tasks are automated so you have more time to work on growth opportunities for your business.

Instantly Save Receipts & Sales

Manually archiving receipts is a huge pain for most businesses. But there’s no need with Holvi.

When a purchase is made with a Holvi Mastercard® card, a picture of the receipt can be saved with a single tap. Transactions are automatically filed for bookkeeping purposes and it’s easy to search for and find at a later date. No more sifting through boxes of old receipts. Invoices for payments can also be saved quickly in similar way.

Automatic bookkeeping capabilities

Receipts aren’t the only things that are saved so easily. All your income is automatically recorded. Invoices that are integrated with the account can be created and sent within minutes and all online sales are recording without you needing to do anything. And with everything so neatly organised, you can easily find any transaction , proof and account document you’re looking for.

Automated Reports

Since everything is integrated, Holvi can automatically generate a wide range of reports to save you time and help you make better business decisions.

Enjoy all of the following, automatically generated.

  • Standard account statement
  • Income statement
  • Invoicing report
  • Accounting journal
  • General ledger
  • Budget report
  • VAT-report

With these reports single entry bookkeeping is done almost automatically (all you have to do is file it officially). Also doing double entry bookkeeping gets more efficient with these reports.

Complete Account

The best account for your full-time business.

€ 18,00 / Month


Holvi account niftily stores receipts and other bookkeeping material on the go!

All the bookkeeping material is easily saved to one place.

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“We could concentrate on improving the business instead of executing mundane tasks.”

– Mari, accountant, LaskIT Oy