Holvi – The digital business current account for e-Residents

  • 100% digital business current account
  • Easy to set up! No need to visit our office – easily verified with your e-Resident Card from anywhere in the world.
  • A diverse set of business management tools that save you time and make your life easier

A complete set of business management tools included

  • All the payment features of a traditional bank account – EU IBAN and Holvi Business Mastercard included
  • Create and send invoices in seconds and stay on top of your finances with automatic payment tracking
  • Powerful expense management and bookkeeping preparation tools that save time for your business

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Holvi business current account: Payment with the Business Mastercard

Requirements to set up your Holvi account

Easily open a Holvi business current account as an e-Resident when meeting the following requirements:

  • Successfully applied for e-Residency and currently be an e-Resident.
  • Having established and registered your company in Estonia.
  • Run an Estonian private limited company OÜ


As an e-Resident you can verify your Holvi account with your ID Card and the card reader from Signicat.

Depending on your location, the delivery of the Mastercard usually takes 2-3 weeks.

If you are an e-Resident but you have not established and registered your company in Estonia yet, you can easily do it through 1Office´s Company Formation Portal here.

When establishing your company through 1Office, you can open your Holvi account at the same time.

Please check that you have the latest software installed. You can check the steps here.

If you are an Estonian e-resident and you have tried to verify your identity using your e-Residency card with *SAFARI, FIREFOX or CHROME, but after you select the certificate and enter the PIN the website says: Authentication Failed:

  • You can test if your card is working by going to the official homepage Republic of Estonia
  • If you are still unable to verify your identity, try the support pages here

Finally, if you are a Mac user and you are still having trouble, try here or simply try verifying your identity from a non-mac device.

*Please note, Mac users are likely to experience problems using e-services with the updated ID card in Safari, as this web browser does not currently support the new EC (elliptic curves) encryption algorithm. A new solution for Mac users is in development, but its launch is also dependent on the development of technical capacities by Apple.

If all of this still doesn’t work, you can call the ID-card helpline +372 666 8888 (Open week days from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m).

You can find the answers in our Help Center.

About e-Residency

With e-Residency you can apply to join a new digital nation, powered by the Republic of Estonia, and register an EU company that can be managed anywhere online with an internet connection. With Holvi as your business current account, you don’t need to travel to Estonia in order to access business banking anymore.

The 1Office Company Formation Portal allows e-Residents to fill out the registration form online in 15 minutes. An authorized contact person service and legal address, both required for companies with a board located outside of Estonia, can also be purchased straight from the portal and the company will be registered in less than 2 working days. Use promo code HOLVI10 to receive 10% off the company formation fee.

You can easily open your Holvi account through 1Office when establishing your company.

Learn more about running a successful business as an e-Resident

Download our guide to find out more about:

  • What is Holvi?
  • How to keep track of your finances in real time?
  • How to collect payment from your customers?
  • How to organise and store your receipts digitally?