Save needless hassle and pay salaries with Holvi.(only available in Finland).

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Pay salaries with one payment

1) Do one payment via Holvi payroll.

2) Employer contributions are paid automatically.

3) Needed reporting is filed automatically.

4) You get your own reports for bookkeeping

Everything in one service

1) All the payment features of a traditional bank account.

2) Tools to collect payments: invoicing tool and online store.

3) Expense management tools: Holvi Business Mastercard and Holvi mobile app.

4) Payroll

Salary calculator

Holvi calculates salaries for you.

Our easy-to-use salary calculator creates a breakdown on employer contributions and salary, so you can easily pay everything straight from Holvi.

Single transaction salary payments

All the legalities are handled with just a few clicks.

When you pay salaries from Holvi, you can make a single payment that we divide behind the scenes to be sent to employees and tax authorities on the right dates

Automated reporting

All the necessary information is automatically filed and securely stored.

When the salaries are paid, we send the needed reporting to all parties, including the tax authorities.

Integrated business account

Salary payments works together with your Holvi business current account.

A secure account that follows the european wide IBAN-standard and has all the payment features of a traditional bank account and attached business tools.

Complete Account

The best account for your full-time business.

€ 18,00 / Month



Service fee per salary: 1% of gross wage: minimum 4€, maximum 10€. The fees include VAT 24%

How to use

Holvi salary payments are available only in Finland.

Find out how to use Holvi with our Help Centre.
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Austria: +43 720 116 270
Germany: +49 30 568 37032
Finland: +358 75 325 2935

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