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Holvi Tax Bundle: Online accounting for sole traders

Have your sole trader taxes handled by a real-life accountant for just £25 a month.

Tax Bundle gives you a business account and Holvi Business Mastercard®, tools to handle invoicing and expenses, plus a certified accountant to complete your self-assessment.

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Your own certified accountant

Less time spent on finances

Stop stressing over tax deadlines

5-star customer support

Change up the way you pay self-assessment

Online accounting backed by real professionals – we file your self-assessment for you, so you can focus on what matters most. Holvi Tax Bundle combines our easy-to-use business banking tools with the help of a real-life accountant to hand you back even more time.

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*This offer is currently available only to sole traders.

A real accountant to submit self-assessment

5-star chat support

Holvi business account

Holvi Business Mastercard®

Ins and outs management – invoicing and expense tools

Cash flow control with Holvi dashboard and mobile app

Ready to have your sole trader taxes sorted?

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Here's how it works

1. Send invoices from Holvi

Create and send invoices from your Holvi account with just a few clicks. Get notified the instant you’re paid.

2. Save receipts

When you make purchases with your Holvi card, you’ll be notified to snap a photo. Holvi will then auto-save it to your account.

3. And that’s it!

We’ll do your accounting online and make sure your taxes are paid. And not just for your self-employed earnings – we do it all.

Our partners at TaxScouts – sole trader tax experts

We’ve partnered with TaxScouts to make submitting self-assessment smooth and stressless. Easy to use, language you can actually understand and no worrying about making a mistake. Paying HMRC has never been so simple.

  • Certified, experienced accountants
  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Real tax talk – in plain English, no jargon
  • 5-star Trustpilot rating
  • Award-winning service

In collaboration with .

Stay on top with online accounting

With Holvi, you’ll keep up to date on your business finances – 100% of the time, online.

Submitting self-assessment, sorted

Our accounting partner takes care of your self-assessment, categorises your expenses & payments, and reports to HMRC for you – so you never miss a deadline.

Ask us anything

Got questions about your taxes or finances? Ask us anything – Holvi Tax Bundle is designed to give you total peace of mind.

Who needs Holvi Tax Bundle?

  • Construction workers
  • Yoga instructors
  • Freelance writers
  • Hair stylists
  • Media professionals
  • Personal trainers and coaches
  • IT contractors
  • Independent musicians
  • Professional dog walkers
  • Uber drivers
  • Photographers and filmmakers
  • Food truck owners

Questions?      Book a free Tax Bundle intro call or write us at:

Once you sign up, just start using Holvi to pay and get paid. When it comes time for taxes, we’ll be in touch if we need any extra info on both your business and personal finances. Yes, we do it all! From here, we file self-assessment for you – nice and early, so you know what you owe well in advance.

Fill out your details in the form, and we’ll be in touch with further instructions how to start!

Absolutely! Leave your details in the form and we’ll be in touch.

Tax Bundle is only available for sole traders. At the moment, we can’t accommodate any other company types.

Sorry no, Tax Bundle is only for sole traders right now. If you want this for limited companies, let us know!

Our certified accountants are selected carefully by our partner TaxScouts.

Holvi can answer most tax questions, but if you have a complicated question we’ll put you in touch with your own accountant from TaxScouts.

Easy. By offering all our accounting online and giving accountants direct access to the numbers they need (and nothing more). We’ve made onboarding a seamless process, smoothed customer service and streamlined the way accountants access the required info. That means our accountants can focus only on what they do, your sole trader taxes.

Say goodbye to filing taxes and hello to Holvi.

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