Smart payment cards for your business expenses

Pay worldwide in practically any way – contactless to online.

Simplify your work life with Holvi’s Business Debit Card and virtual cards.

  • Business Mastercard®
  • Debit and virtual cards
  • Manage expenses & receipts
  • Real-time payment notifications

Which Business Mastercard® is right for you?

Holvi Business Debit Card

Holvi Business Debit Card

A debit card that keeps you tax ready

Pay business expenses comfortably by card or withdraw cash. Manage your cash flow in real time and avoid end-of-the-month surprises.

All payment plans include a Holvi Business Debit Card.

Holvi Virtual Debit Card

Virtual cards for secure online payments

No more waiting – create digital debit cards any time. Instant access, control and security at your fingertips.

All payment plans include a Holvi Virtual Debit Card.

Universal features & benefits

Receipt scanning using the Holvi app

Digital receipt management

Store your receipts instead of losing them

  • Pay with your Holvi card
  • Open your Holvi App
  • Scan the receipt

Done! – Your receipts are safely stored and ready for tax season. Fewer losses mean more returns.

Expense management made easy

With Holvi, you can track all your business expenses – from printer paper to travel costs.

  • Real-time notifications
  • Instant expense overview
  • Categorised transactions
  • VAT and profits at a glance

Top-security business banking

Holvi means ‘vault’ in Finnish – and we mean it. Using the latest security standards, we provide top-security business banking.

  • Real-time payment notifications
  • Fast in-app card locking
  • 2-fold security for online payments – backed by Mastercard® 3D-Secure

Get up and running in just a few days!

Stay on top of your business expenses with our debit and virtual cards.

FAQs – Holvi payment cards

Our cards are accepted everywhere, where you can pay with Mastercard® – basically, worldwide.

Fees apply for cash withdrawals and transactions outside the EU. For more details, please see our price list.