Holvi and 1OFFICE simplify the process of setting up a business for e-Residents

April 24, 2018 Holvi

Many e-residents choose Holvi to go hand in hand with their life as global citizens, digital nomads, and location-independent entrepreneurs. We know how precious your resources are, especially as you are about to embark on launching a new business.

The simplification and optimisation of administrative processes is one of the reasons our customers love us, but many e-residents require more assistance with the bureaucratic and administrative processes of establishing and running a company in Estonia through the e-Residency programme.

After launching access to Holvi business banking for e-residents in May 2017, Holvi now has partnered with 1OFFICE and their Company Formation Portal in order to  enable existing and prospect e-residents to further simplify the process of setting up a company that’s ready to go in a short amount of time. Filling in the registration form to establish a company in Estonia through e-Residency takes about 15 minutes, and if everything was completed as required the registration of the company takes as little as two business days.

With the company registered you can then start the process of opening your Holvi account, which can be completed in a few business days, and all digitally, no travelling to Estonia required. Should you require any extra services like a legal address for your business in Estonia or an authorised person service, 1OFFICE can also help with these, rounding off your digital business toolkit.


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