Virtual cards – more security, tighter control

Virtual cards give you more security and control over how you manage finances. With virtually unlimited ways to use your virtual card, how you’ll benefit is up to you.

Fully digital, unique card number

What are virtual cards?

Virtual cards work exactly like your physical card, only they live in your Holvi app and e-wallet – not in your actual wallet. Secured by encryption, virtual cards offer a safe and easy way to pay online, in apps and in stores*.

Each card has its own card number, CVC and expiry date, and is totally separate from your main Holvi card.

Benefits of virtual cards

Created in seconds

Virtual cards come fully activated and ready to use. Create a virtual debit card in seconds and use it while you wait for your physical card to arrive.

Total card control

Don’t need your virtual card right now? Play it safe and lock it until the next payment. Lock and unlock it anytime – and you’ll always have a backup card in case of emergency.

Protect your main card details

Each virtual card has its own card number, CVC and expiry date. If a virtual card is ever compromised, you can cancel it – without losing access to your main card.

Split expenses across cards

Create virtual cards for specific purposes – like online subscriptions, software licences or projects. It’s a great way to keep track of your spending.

Get your virtual card

Want to get started fast? Open a Holvi account and create your virtual card. No more waiting for a physical card.

  • 1 free virtual debit card included in all plans
  • Up to 10 virtual cards with Holvi Pro
  • Create a card instantly in the Holvi app
  • Start using it today – in stores*, apps and online

Real-time payment notifications

We’ll notify you of payments via push message, and auto-match payments to your sent invoices.

Protected with 3D-Secure

From 2-FA to 3D Secure, we use the latest strong customer authentication to protect your TLS-encrypted account.

Bank-level security standards

Your money is safe with us. Bank-level security means your funds are always protected.

FAQs on virtual cards

Once you’ve created a virtual card, you’ll find the card details (card number, CVC and expiry date) in your Holvi app. You can use these card details to pay online and in apps.

A virtual debit card is included in all Holvi plans. Payments with virtual debit cards are debited directly from your business account, the same as your physical Holvi Business Debit Card.

If you have a Holvi Business Credit Card, a virtual credit card is also included in your credit plan. Payments with the virtual credit card are credited from your credit line, which you can repay flexibly.

Virtual cards come pre-activated so you can use them instantly. You can create a Holvi virtual card in seconds and start using it right away.

*In-store payments work via Apple Pay or Google Pay, available for customers in Finland and Germany.