Holvi launches international transfers

February 29, 2024 Philipp Seidel

Holvi, the banking service for solopreneurs and small businesses, announces the launch of a new feature: international transfers. This allows Holvi customers to send and receive payments around the world directly from their business account at a transparent fixed price.

Helsinki, 29 February 2024 – Small business owners can now send and receive international transfers directly from their Holvi business accounts, cutting out the need for third-party services. Holvi uses both the SEPA and SWIFT networks for fast processing, making sure its customers can efficiently manage their finances and grow their businesses internationally. This new feature is offered at a transparent and fixed fee of €6 per SWIFT transfer, regardless of the amount of the transfer.

Tuomas Toivonen, co-founder and CEO of Holvi, says: “By introducing international transfers at a transparent fixed price, we are continuing to demonstrate Holvi’s commitment to removing financial barriers for small business owners. And we’re especially proud to offer an additional feature that supports our customers’ growth while providing clear and predictable pricing.”

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