Holvi and lexoffice:
Banking and bookkeeping, connected

Do you want to calm the chaos of bookkeeping? Connecting Holvi and lexoffice lets you manage all things banking and bookkeeping in one place.

  • Easy to connect
  • Automatic data syncing
  • Accounting software
  • Ideal for freelancers

A business account with bookkeeping connections

Accounting without the chaos – connect Holvi and lexoffice to keep your books tidy.


Easy and fast –bookkeeping by hand

lexoffice simplifies all things tax & bookkeeping. Manage your books by yourself – no prior knowledge is needed.

  • Create invoices – fast and easy
  • Cost overview – simple and clear
  • Scan receipts – anywhere, anytime
  • Tax prep in one place – always up-to-date
  • Now 50% discount for 3 months: For example lexoffice L for 9,95 €/month (instead of 19,90 €/month)

Open your business account with lexoffice connection

Holvi Lite

9 € /Monat + USt

Get control of your business finances. Manage payments and stay on top of the numbers.

  • Business banking
  • 1 Business Debit Card
  • 1 Virtual Card
  • Scan & store receipts
  • Real-time profit/loss*
  • Real-time VAT balance*
  • Apple Pay & Google PayTM

Holvi Pro

15 € /Monat + USt

Simplify work life. Manage banking, expenses, invoicing and accounting – all in one account.

Everything in Holvi Lite plus:

  • 3 Business Debit Cards
  • Business Credit Card (apply now)
  • 1 Virtual Card
  • Unlimited invoicing & e-invoicing
  • Payment-to-invoice matching
  • Bookkeeping preparation
  • Export reports for tax filing
  • Accounting integrations – or invite your accountant
  • Cheaper ATM & instant top-up fees

Holvi Pro+
Online verkaufen

18 € /Monat + USt

Master your finances and start selling online in minutes. Connect sales to bookkeeping and stay tax ready.

Everything in Holvi Pro plus:

  • Ready-to-use sales platform
  • No coding needed, anyone can sell
  • Money from sales goes into your Holvi account
  • Holvi bookkeeping features to prep sales for tax time
  • Frictionless shopping experience for your customers
  • Custom URL under Holvi’s domain
  • Downloadable sales reports

The cost for lexoffice are not included in the price. Open and pay for lexoffice directly with lexoffice.

How to connect Holvi and lexoffice

Do you already have a Holvi and lexoffice account?
Connect Holvi and lexoffice in just a few clicks.

FAQ’s – Holvi and lexoffice

lexoffice is an online accounting software that allows small business owners, freelancers and founders to manage their books easily. One benefit of lexoffice is that you don’t need to be a professional accountant to understand it.

You can use any of Holvi’s pricing plans together with lexoffice. There are no additional costs for connecting Holvi with lexoffice.

Please note that you need to have both a Holvi and lexoffice account. You pay for your Holvi business account and your lexoffice package separately.

Log in at holvi.com and go to Account settings > Connections. Our video guide shows you exactly how it works (note that we’ve updated our user interface but the navigation is the same).

As soon as you have activated the connection in your Holvi account, you can see your successful connection in lexoffice.

Important: To connect lexoffice to Holvi, you must have an active lexoffice account. If you don’t have one, you can learn about their plans here.

After verifying your Holvi account, you can use Holvi’s lexoffice connection on any pricing plan. Please note that the connection is only available to companies based in Germany.

Our connection allows you to transfer all your transaction data to lexoffice in real time. After you’ve connected your Holvi account and lexoffice, you can also retrospectively sync transactions from the last 3 months.

If you want to sync data older than 3 months, please contact our support team.

No, you don’t need any prior experience to use Holvi and lexoffice. Both tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use by anyone, anywhere.