Holvi Business Mastercard® – pay expenses, stay tax ready

A business payment card that reminds you to save receipts and categorise expenses. With Holvi, bookkeeping is so easy it almost takes care of itself.

  • Holvi Business Mastercard®
  • For freelancers and the self-employed
  • Attach receipts to payments
  • See real-time VAT balance

‘The Holvi Business Debit Mastercard is a highlight for me. Now I don’t need to sift through my personal records to find business expenses. Everything is there in plain sight.’

Leena Putkonen, Nutritional Therapist

Account, card and expenses in sync

The Holvi Business Debit Mastercard® helps self-employed people pay securely and keep an eye on expenses. Everything works together in Holvi – so you can stay on top of expenses.

  • Real-time notifications for every payment
  • Direct debit – no end-of-month surprises
  • Expenses auto-sync to bookkeeping reports

Never lose your expense receipts

Tired of looking for your receipts at the end of the month? With Holvi’s integrated online bookkeeping features, missing receipts are ancient history. Our app reminds you to save your receipt each time you pay. One less thing to worry about!

  • A push notification reminds you of the card payment
  • You take a photo of the receipt using your Holvi app
  • The receipt is saved in your account – done!

A business payment card that shows real-time VAT balance

How much VAT do you owe the Finanzamt – or do you get something back? Holvi calculates VAT from income and expense payments in real time. One glance at your account tells all.

  • Pay for expenses with your Holvi card and use Holvi invoicing to collect earnings
  • Holvi calculates your VAT balance in real time
  • See at a glance how much you owe

Prepare your expense payments for tax time

Bookkeeping doesn’t need to be stressful. And with the Holvi Business Mastercard you can do it online, anytime. The easiest way? Right after a card payment.

  • Choose VAT rate
  • Categorise the payment
  • Add notes or comments
  • Done – your books are ready for tax time!
  • Real-time notifications for each card payment
  • Get multiple cards – for your whole team
  • Lock and unlock your card in the Holvi app
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide
  • Take a photo, categorise and save receipts
  • See your VAT balance in real time
  • Expense payments sync to your accounting
  • Pay securely online with Mastercard® Identity Check™

Open an account with Holvi Business Mastercard –
as easy as 1, 2, Holvi

1. Hi, nice to meet you!

Share a few details and verify your identity with a quick video call.

2. So what do you do?

Add some company info to help us verify your business.

3. Let’s work together.

Choose your pricing plan. Start using your new Holvi card to stay tax ready.

Real-time notification

Push notifications tell you the instant expense payments are made.

2-Factor Authentication

Online payments are protected with Mastercard® Identity Check™.

Simple card locking

Lock or unlock your company card in seconds with your Holvi app.

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

About us

We’ve lived and learned the entrepreneur life. Now we’re here to simplify yours.

How it works

Holvi is all you need – from business account, to online invoicing, to online bookkeeping.

FAQs – Holvi Business Mastercard

No, your Holvi Business Mastercard is a debit card that’s linked to your business account and bookkeeping tools. This means that, unlike with a credit card, you can never spend more than the balance in your account. And unlike a prepaid card, you never have to load money onto the card itself. In our humble opinion, debit is the best type of card for any small business.

The most important difference between the Holvi Business Mastercard and a classic credit card is that you can’t overdraw your account when you pay with Holvi. Otherwise you won’t notice any difference. You can use your debit card to pay for business expenses worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted. Other businesses love us, and yours will too!

Fees only apply for cash withdrawals and transactions in foreign currencies outside the EU. You can find more information in our price list.

As a licensed payment institution, Holvi does not offer overdrafts or other forms of lending or loans. This means you can never spend more than you have. You’ll need sufficient funds to make a purchase or send a payment. Check your balance quickly in the Holvi app, and scan your finance forecast in Holvi’s dashboard to see what your future balance looks like.