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Boost sales with Holvi Online sales

Selling online has never been easier. Holvi’s ready-made e-commerce platform gets you up and selling in minutes. Our online store is included in Holvi Pro+.

Get paid by card or via bank transfer
Payments go to your Holvi account
Trusted e-commerce platform
Mobile-friendly store for shoppers on the go

E-commerce simplified

Set up shop, sell and spend. It’s that easy!

  • Start selling today. Just add your logo and wallpaper to create your store – add product images and descriptions to start selling.
  • Trusted domain. Save costs and avoid expensive web development. Our trusted domain hosts your online store, so you can easily set up shop.
  • Everything connected. All sales go to your Holvi account – for quicker access to your revenue.*

*We charge a small 2.5% on each item you sell.

Smooth shopping experience

Let sales handle themselves

  • No extra clicks. A clean store layout helps customers find your products and services easily. We’ll guide them smoothly to checkout.
  • Mobile-friendly design. Your store is accessible across many devices, so customers can buy effortlessly no matter how they access your store.
  • Multiple payment options. No need for outside payment systems like PayPal. Customers can pay by card or via online banking.
  • Promote your products. Promote your products and services on social media, or embed items on other websites with iFrame.

Integrated sales and accounting

Track and manage sales, wherever you go

  • Get sales notifications. We’ll send you a notification via push message or email each time you make a sale.
  • Analyse traffic and trends. Track store traffic with Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel.
  • Reduce admin. Automatic order confirmations go out with each purchase. You can add attachments and write customised thank you messages.
  • Accounting connections. Connect to DATEV & lexoffice. Save time and money.

What can you sell online with Holvi?

Use your Holvi online sales platform to sell any kind of product or service.
Publish your offerings in minutes and give sales a boost!

✔️ Online courses & workshops

Whether it’s yoga or dance classes, language or pottery lessons, with Holvi you can easily sell your courses online.

✔️ Consulting services

Share your talents with the world and monetise consulting services with online sales, whatever your skill set.

✔️ Event tickets

Simply sell tickets online – to gigs, cultural events, wine tastings or sporting events, or anything else.

✔️ Arts & crafts

Move over Etsy, Holvi is here. Sell your arts & crafts online and get paid directly into your Holvi account for a fraction of the cost.

✔️ Gift cards & vouchers

From restaurants to florists, gift cards work for every business, big and small!

✔️ Digital downloads

Design templates, e-books, music or NFTs. Upload your digital products for customers to download post-purchase.

‘I use Holvi to sell my online courses. Sales go to my Holvi account, the same as other income streams. There’s no need to toggle between different platforms or bill each course separately. It just works!’

Leena Putkonen, Nutritional Therapist

Start selling online –
as easy as 1, 2, Holvi

1. Hi, nice to meet you!

Share a few details and verify your identity with your passport or national ID.

2. So what do you do?

Add some company info to help us verify your business.

3. Let’s work together.

Choose Holvi Pro+ Online Sales. Start selling online with your Holvi online store.

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

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