Our story

We founded Holvi in 2011, in Helsinki. As self-employed people wading through oceans of paperwork, we noticed something funny going on – traditional banks were giving us the cold shoulder. Why not help ourselves? We asked. And so, with time and effort (and lots of coffee), we mastered small business finance – and Holvi was born.

Our vision is simple

Eliminate the distractions of financial admin and simplify work life,
because running a business is hard enough. You shouldn’t have
to worry about spreadsheets and lost receipts.

Life is a balancing act

And self-employment is too. One that’s not limited to the standard 9–5. Strategy, marketing, tech, ops, finance – you need to know it all. Plus be your own personal HR manager and somehow find time for a life outside of work. Because your small business might be your livelihood, but it’s not your whole life.

How Holvi helps

Think of Holvi as your business’ financial home. With a business account and Holvi Business Mastercard®, invoicing and bookkeeping tools all in one place, Holvi eliminates the time-consuming distractions of financial admin, helping you to find balance as an entrepreneur. More time for actual work means you can clock off earlier, if you want. That’s work life simplified.


small business owners trust Holvi

2 offices

in Helsinki and Berlin

The fine print

Holvi is a Financial Payment Institution operating as a Mastercard Principal member, meaning we issue our own Holvi Business Mastercard®. We’re authorised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) to operate within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Work at Holvi

Looking for something different?

At Holvi, we’re changing the world of self-employment – one small business at a time.

The Holvi blog

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