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With Holvi you get more than just a business account. German IBAN, VAT calculator and smart payment cards – all in one account.

  • German IBAN
  • Debit, credit and virtual cards
  • VAT calculator
  • Save receipts
  • 100% online
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Corporate Account

Your own German IBAN

It all starts here. Business banking, invoicing, expense management and tax prep – master your business finances.

  • A business account with German IBAN & BIC
  • 500 free SEPA transfers per month
  • Expense management and receipt storage
  • Add users and manage their access rights
  • Invite your accountant
  • lexoffice-integration for easy bookkeeping
  • Download reports & account statements

Debit, credit & virtual cards

Smart payment cards

Create virtual cards in seconds and pay in-store using Apple Pay or Google Pay™️. Instant access, control and security at your fingertips.

Plus, you can order a physical Holvi Debit Card or Holvi Credit Card for even more financial freedom.

  • Safe online payments with Mastercard® Identity Check™ 3D Secure & 2FA
  • Real-time notifications keep you up to date
  • Lock and unlock your cards any time
  • View your PIN in your Holvi-App
  • Order team cards
The Business Mastercard payment cards from Holvi

DATEV Connection
A direct connection to your tax consultancy

Set up your DATEV Connection and simplify your collaboration with your tax consultancy. Save time and money.

VAT calculator

Smart account – see your VAT in real time

Holvi’s VAT calculator shows you how much you have to save for tax time. Manage your cash flow and stay in the know.

Receipt scanning using the Holvi app

Expense management without the hassle

Save receipts, sort your income and expenses, add comments and see all your numbers – no spreadsheets needed.

Account security is our top priority

Biometric login

Secure login and online card payments with 2FA and Mastercard® Identity Check™.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Verify transactions using a combination of passwords, codes, and biometrics (e.g. fingerprint).

Bank-level security

As a licenced payment institution, we follow the same strict security rules as a bank.

Happy Holvi customers

Try Holvi Pro – free for 30 days

Check out the Holvi Pro business account with DATEV connection for 30 days, free of charge!

1. Fill in your personal data

2. Verify your identity with a quick video call

3. Fill in your company info

Invoice your clients

Create and send invoices easily from your business account. Get notified the moment you get paid.

Automate your bookkeeping

Connect to DATEV and lexoffice. This is hassle-free bookkeeping – plus you save time and money.

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

About us

We’ve lived and learned the entrepreneur life. Now we’re here to simplify yours.

How it works

Holvi has you covered – from a business account, to online invoicing, to online bookkeeping.

FAQs – Holvi business account

To open a Holvi business account, you need:

  • Name and address
  • Name, industry and location of your company
  • E-mail address and phone number
  • A valid ID
  • A Smartphone
  • An estimation of your annual turnover
  • Information about the ownership of your company
  • In the case of GmbHs & UGs, additional documents are needed

Here you can find Holvi’s step-by-step guide to verification

You can open your Holvi business account online in a matter of minutes. From our side, the verification and activation process of your account usually takes a couple of days. After that, your account is ready to go!

You can open a Holvi business account for these types of companies in Germany:

  • Sole proprietorship / trade (not registered)
  • Freelancer
  • GmbH in formation (pre-GmbH)
  • GmbH – limited liability company
  • UG in formation – Entrepreneurship (limited liability)
  • UG – Unternehmergesellschaft (limited liability)

Holvi doesn’t support ownership structures that include one or more legal entities with 25% or more shares in the company. This means that if your company belongs to another company, then we can’t offer you an account.

You can receive money via SEPA transfer in euros. You can also send invoices and e-invoices from Holvi, and collect payments that way. Connect your account to payment terminals like SumUp to accept card payments.

All pricing plans include the following:

You can apply for the Holvi Business Credit Card for even more financial freedom. This lets you cover short-term cash flow gaps and invest in your business.

Read more about our Holvi Payment Cards: Business Mastercard

Holvi does not offer overdrafts. This means you can not spend more than you have. You’ll need sufficient funds to make a purchase or send a payment. Check your balance quickly in the Holvi app, and scan your finance forecast in the Holvi dashboard.

For more financial freedom you can apply for the Holvi Business Credit Card. A credit card with a credit line of up to €5,000 to spend as you like.

Yes. We offer founders accounts for the German company forms GmbH and UG. You can pay your share capital into this account before the commercial register extract is available. All other types of companies must be fully verified when opening an account.