A business account just for self-employment

Open a business account with a DE IBAN online in minutes. Separate business and personal finances, and calm the chaos of self-employment.

  • Unlimited transfers
  • Holvi Business Debit Card
  • Scan & store receipts
  • Open account 100% online

Business account with German IBAN

Get business up and running online, fast

Say goodbye to business as usual with a Holvi business account. Separate your self-employed business from private life with Holvi and keep track of payments.

  • Business account with German IBAN & BIC online
  • Unlimited free transfers in euros (SEPA)
  • Holvi Business Debit Card, accepted worldwide
  • Expense management and receipt storage
  • Holvi mobile app – for work life on the go
  • Real-time notifications keep you up to date

Easy expense management

Where’s that receipt again?

Said no Holvi user, ever. Store receipts and invoices in your business account, attached to corresponding transactions – and stay on top of expenses.

  • Scan receipts on the go using the Holvi app, or upload receipts later at your convenience
  • Holvi automatically connects receipts to payments and stores them for tax time and beyond
  • Filter transactions to spot missing bookkeeping details, then fill in the blanks
  • Download bookkeeping details and attachments anytime
  • Or invite your accountant to your Holvi account and control what they can see

Smarter cash flow management

Follow your money in real time

Self-employment can sometimes mean unpredictable income and expenses. With Holvi, you can manage cash flow in real time and see how finances are doing, at a glance.

  • VAT calculator: Uses your income and expenses to calculate how much you need to save for tax time
  • Real-time profit: Shows how much revenue is left over after expenses, helping you manage costs
  • Balance forecast: Shows your upcoming balance based on scheduled transactions in and out – so you stay ahead of the curve
  • Low balance alerts: Help prevent rejected transactions by notifying you if your balance dips below your set amount

Apply for a Holvi Business Credit Card

More financial freedom? Yes please.

Cover short-term gaps in cash flow and invest in your business. Flexible repayment options offer more financial freedom, primo card features help you manage expenses and run your business.*

*Only available on our Holvi Pro pricing plan

Holvi mobile & desktop app

Work seamlessly across devices

Your business stays with you at all moments of every day, and so should your banking app. Mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – wherever you work, Holvi is with you.

  • Manage business on the go in the Holvi app
  • Drill into details on our full web app
  • You’ll never work alone

A business account with…

  • Unique DE IBAN and BIC
  • Unlimited transfers in euros (SEPA)
  • Holvi Business Debit Card included
  • Mastercard® Identity Check™ 3D Secure & 2FA
  • Schedule payments and set recurring payments
  • View real-time cash flow, VAT and profit and loss
  • Add users and manage their access rights
  • Create contacts and save items for easy billing
  • Order a Holvi Business Credit Card
  • Prepare transactions for bookkeeping in app
  • Download reports & statements with a tap
  • Available in English, German and Finnish

business banking

Biometric login

Secure login and online card payments with 2FA and Mastercard® Identity Check™.

Bank-level security

As a licenced payment institution, we follow the same strict security rules as a bank.

Stay in the know

Lock and unlock cards in-app, get notified the moment a payment goes through.

Your business account is waiting

Focus on business. Handle banking, invoicing and bookkeeping – all in one place.

Invoice your clients

With Holvi, you can bill clients right in your business account. Send invoices and e-invoices with just a few clicks.

Order team cards

Let your employees pay for expenses and save yourself the hassle of expense reports.

Open an account today
simplify work life tomorrow

Holvi Lite

€6 /month + VAT

Get control of your business finances. Manage payments and stay on top of the numbers.

  • Business banking
  • 1 Holvi Debit Card
  • Scan & store receipts
  • Real-time profit/loss
  • Real-time VAT balance

Holvi Pro

€12 /month + VAT

Simplify work life. Manage banking, expenses, invoicing and accounting – all in one account.

Everything in Holvi Lite plus:

  • 3 Holvi Debit Cards
  • Holvi Credit Card (apply now)
  • Unlimited invoicing & e-invoicing
  • Payment-to-invoice matching
  • Bookkeeping preparation
  • Export reports for tax filing
  • Accounting integrations – or invite your accountant
  • Cheaper ATM & FX fees

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

About us

We’ve lived and learned the entrepreneur life. Now we’re here to simplify yours.

How it works

Holvi is all you need – from business account, to online invoicing, to online bookkeeping.

FAQs – Holvi business account

Holvi is online business banking for the self-employed. As a licensed payment institution, Holvi does not offer overdrafts or other forms of lending or loans.

This means you can never spend more than you have. You’ll need sufficient funds to make a purchase or send a payment. Check your balance quickly in the Holvi app, and scan your finance forecast in Holvi dashboard.

Every Holvi plan comes with at least 1 Holvi Business Debit Card, which is linked to your Holvi business account. As income flows in, your balance grows and you can use your card to pay expenses.

Sole traders on our Holvi Pro plan can also apply for a Holvi Business Credit Card. This lets you cover short-term cash flow gaps and invest in business, then repay your spending in flexible monthly instalments as per your instalment plan.

You can receive money via SEPA transfer in euros. You can also send invoices and e-invoices from Holvi, and collect payments that way. Connect your account to payment terminals like SumUp to accept card payments.