Corporate cards for your team

Team expenses? Stay in control.

Simplify expenses and manage spending with Holvi team cards. Find smart financial insights and save on admin – all in Holvi’s connected business account.

Smart corporate cards

Create physical and virtual debit cards for your team and manage all company spending in real time.

Expenses made easy

No more out of pocket expenses and reimbursements – let your team pay by card with company money.

Automate your bookkeeping

Automatic data syncing with DATEV & lexoffice. Set up the connections in just a few clicks.

Bank-level security

Lock and unlock cards in-app, change PINs. Safe online payments with Mastercard® Identity Check™, 3D Secure and 2FA.

Team debit cards

Empower employees with team debit cards

Create team cards and let your team pay expenses right from your business account.

  • Physical & virtual cards – Create new cards in a few clicks, for one-off or recurring payments
  • Pay anywhere, any way – Wherever Mastercard® is accepted, and with Apple Pay or Google PayTM
  • Manage card usage – Activate and deactivate ATM withdrawals or online payments for individual cards
  • No more reimbursements – save time and avoid mistakes.

Start, run, grow
Wherever your business, Holvi is a fit

Launching a company

Set your team up for success with Holvi team cards for easier team spending. We work hard for your small business.

Streamlining processes

Keep all expenses in one place and gain oversight over company spending. Free up time normally spent on admin, and focus on what matters.

Scaling your business

As your business grows, Holvi grows with you. Add new team members and create extra cards, everything in one place.

Receipt scanning & storing

Receipts? Your team scans them in-app

Each time a team member pays by card, they can capture receipts, categorise their expense, assign VAT and add bookkeeping notes. We’ll save receipts for tax time and beyond.

  • No lost receipts – Your team captures their own receipts, categorises them and saves for tax time
  • Clear oversight – View all transactions in Holvi, filter and spot transactions with missing receipts or bookkeeping data

Real-time balance & insights

See company spending in real time, anytime

Who paid what and when? Holvi puts you in control of team spending, and offers insights to help your business grow.

  • Instant notifications – Tell you each time a team member uses their card, no end-of-month surprises
  • Financial insights – Track spending by categories, projects or employee, and keep an eye on KPIs in Holvi’s dashboard
  • Fast reporting – Generate reports for custom periods with a few clicks

Accounting connections

Whatever your accounting software, Holvi fits

  • DATEV Connection – simplify your collaboration with your tax consultancy. Save time and money.
  • lexoffice Connection – Once connected, Holvi syncs card payments and account transactions
  • Export transactions and receipts – for easy accounting

Top-security business banking

Account security is our top priority

Holvi has implemented various technical and organizational measures to keep your money, account, and business information safe.

  • Holvi account supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Push notifications that notify you about all card activities
  • 2-fold security for online payments – backed by Mastercard® 3D-Secure
  • Lock and unlock your card whenever necessary, using your Holvi app
  • Forgot your PIN? See it in the Holvi app

Holvi Pro


Free for 30 days

Try Holvi Pro with 3 corporate cards

  • German IBAN
  • 3 physical cards included
  • 1 virtual card included
  • Add on extra cards for a small monthly fee*

*Additional cards charged at €2 per month (virtual) and €3 per month (physical)