Online bookkeeping, for all the single workers

Cut out the noise. Manage self-employed income and expense receipts, and prep for German tax returns – all in your business account. Groovy.

  • Holvi Business Mastercard®
  • Scan & store receipts
  • Track VAT and profit in real time
  • Export bookkeeping data

We make accounting and taxes
a little less taxing

For self-employed people who do their own German tax returns

For self-employed people with a German tax advisor (Steuerberater)

For lexoffice accounting software users who want a seamless way to pay

Online expense management

Where’s that receipt again?

Said no Holvi user, ever. Store expense receipts and invoices right in your business account. Calm the chaos of managing expenses.

  • Scan receipts on the go using the Holvi app, or upload receipts later at your convenience
  • Holvi automatically connects receipts to payments and stores them for tax time and beyond
  • Download bookkeeping details and attachments anytime, or invite your accountant directly to your Holvi account

How Holvi online bookkeeping
works for you

Effortless bookkeeping, online or in our mobile app. For wherever work life takes you.

1. Scan & store receipts

Open the notification and scan your receipt after each Holvi Business Mastercard® payment, or upload to Holvi later on.

2. Add VAT rate

Holvi calculates in real time how much VAT you owe the German Finanzamt. No more surprises.

3. Categorise transactions

Create custom income and expense categories, sort payments into categories and prep bookkeeping for tax time.

4. Bookkeeping done!

When it’s time to file your tax return, you’ll have all the data ready. No more stress at the end of the month!

Tax preparation and bookkeeping

Stress-free German tax returns, almost

Download reports to simplify tax time

Download accounting reports. With all your bookkeeping data prepped to the German standard, filling out tax returns on Elster just got easier – but you’ll still need to translate the forms.

Share data with your tax advisor online

Exchanging paper receipts can get taxing. Instead, why not send accounting data to your tax advisor in DATEV format, 100% online? Our partner tax advisors know online accounting inside and out.

Wave goodbye to tedious end-of-month receipt sorting

All your bookkeeping data in one place, together with the rest of your business

Do your books on the go with Holvi’s mobile app – anytime, anywhere

Accounting software integration

Or connect your accounting software

  • Connect Holvi to lexoffice with just a few clicks
  • Pay expenses with your Holvi Business Mastercard®
  • All transactions auto-sync to your accounting software
  • Handle bookkeeping and tax returns in lexoffice

*More English accounting software integrations coming soon!

Bye-bye tax stress, and hello Holvi!

Online banking, invoicing and bookkeeping – all in one place. That’s work life simplified.

Open an account with online bookkeeping –
as easy as 1, 2, Holvi

1. Hi, nice to meet you!

Share a few details and verify your identity with a quick video call.

2. So what do you do?

Add some company info to help us verify your business.

3. Let’s work together.

Choose your pricing plan. Start using Holvi to simplify work life.

FAQs – Holvi online bookkeeping

With Holvi Pro you can also add external transactions, such as cash payments. This way you can still do all your bookkeeping in Holvi, even if not all transactions aren’t made using your Holvi Business Mastercard® – although really, it’s much easier when everything is all in one place.

Choose any date range on your Holvi reports. You can download them in XLS or PDF and send via email or Dropbox. Here are the reports we offer:

  • Income statement: Total income, expenses and their sum (net income).
  • Budget report: A breakdown of your income and expense categories, including their transactions and total amounts.
  • Invoicing report: A full list of your invoices, including issue date, due date, payment date and VAT.
  • Accounting journal: A list of every transaction in your account, including date, type, VAT%, category and other important information (accrual/cash based).
  • General ledger: A breakdown of your income and expense categories and transactions they contain, including date, type, VAT%, category and other important information (cash based).
  • VAT report (if your account is VAT liable): A list of transactions that include VAT, organised by their VAT% (cash based).

DATEV reports: Four export files developed according to DATEV’s interface. Your accountant can easily upload these into DATEV as an import file. Holvi offers two different reports, each in SKR03 and SKR04:

  • DATEV accounting reports contain the Holvi transactions including categorisation (e.g., according to SKR03 or 04) and VAT rate.
  • DATEV payment report contains only transactions. For more information, see our FAQ on DATEV reports.

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

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