Smart payment cards for your business expenses

Pay worldwide in practically any way – contactless to online.

Simplify your work life with Holvi’s Business Debit Card, Business Credit Card and virtual cards.

  • Business Mastercard®
  • Debit, credit and virtual cards
  • Manage expenses & receipts
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

Which Business Mastercard® is right for you?

Holvi Business Debit Card

Holvi Business Debit Card

A debit card that keeps you tax ready

Pay business expenses comfortably by card or withdraw cash. Manage your cash flow in real time and avoid end-of-the-month surprises.

All payment plans include a Holvi Business Debit Card.

Holvi Business Credit Card

A credit card that drives your business

Increase your financial freedom with Holvi’s new credit card for the self-employed. Holvi’s Business Credit Card is here for all your business expenses, big and small – with a credit line up to €5,000.

Buy now, pay later.

Holvi Business Credit Card
Holvi Virtual Debit Card

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards for secure online payments

No more waiting – create digital debit cards any time. Instant access, control and security at your fingertips.

All payment plans include a Holvi Virtual Debit Card.

Universal features & benefits

Apple Pay & Google Pay

A card-free wallet – fast and easy payments

Lighten the load and enjoy your Holvi benefits using Apple Pay or Google Pay™️. The fast, easy and secure way to pay.

Apple Pay and Google Pay™️
Receipt scanning using the Holvi app

Digital receipt management

Store your receipts instead of losing them

  • Pay with your Holvi card
  • Open your Holvi App
  • Scan the receipt

Done! – Your receipts are safely stored and ready for tax season. Fewer losses mean more returns.

Expense management made easy

With Holvi, you can track all your business expenses – from printer paper to travel costs.

  • Real-time notifications
  • Instant expense overview
  • Categorised transactions
  • VAT and profits at a glance

Top-security business banking

Holvi means ‘vault’ in Finnish – and we mean it. Using the latest security standards, we provide top-security business banking.

  • Real-time payment notifications
  • Fast in-app card locking
  • 2-fold security for online payments – backed by Mastercard® 3D-Secure

Get up and running in just a few days!

Stay on top of your business expenses with our debit, credit and virtual cards.

FAQ – Holvi payment cards

When using a debit card your purchases are debited directly from your business account. This means you can only spend the money that you already have. A credit card on the other hand uses a credit line that is separate from your account – meaning you can spend up until the credit limit, regardless of your account balance, and pay the bill later.

Read more about Holvi’s Business Credit Card.

Our cards are accepted everywhere, where you can pay with Mastercard® – basically, worldwide. For various reasons, car rentals and hotels might not accept debit cards. For these cases, we recommend you use the Holvi Business Credit Card.

Fees apply for cash withdrawals and transactions outside the EU. For more details, please see our price list.