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We’re proud to say that Holvi is helping thousands of innovative freelancers and sole traders run and grow their businesses. And we’re even more proud when our users say nice things about us.

“Having a platform like Holvi can solve a lot of problems for an entrepreneur”

Tom Vaillant, Filmmaker and adventurer
Krister Häll, founder of the Kombucha startup The Good Guys, manages his company finances with Holvi

How Krister finds balance with Holvi

Krister Häll discovered the world of tea on a trip through rural Sri Lanka. It gave rise to The Good Guys, a kombucha company set on transforming drinking culture and promoting healthy choices. Krister talks about how even the most enthusiastic sole trader can find a balance between work and play – and how running a business doesn’t need to be a grind.

A nutritional therapist shares her recipe for financial well-being

Leena stumbled into self-employment. Now she revels in the freedom, making choices that support her well-being – and her profit margins.

A marketer discovers how to avoid the paperwork pileup

Albert’s company got off to a storming start, with more customers than he could handle. But how does he keep paperwork in check amidst the flurry of work?

“Traditional banks don’t provide the features that Holvi has.”

Sid Kumpurinne and Ilmari Mansikkamäki, Secret Synapse Design Agency

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