Not your ordinary business account

Finnish IBAN, unlimited SEPA transfers and an affordable price. Open your business account online in minutes.

  • Finnish IBAN
  • 500 free SEPA transfers
  • Debit, credit and virtual cards
  • 100% online

Corporate account

All-in-one business account

It all starts here. Business banking, invoicing, expense management and tax prep – all in one account.

  • A business account with Finnish IBAN & BIC
  • 500 free SEPA transfers per month
  • Smart payment cards – virtual, debit and credit cards
  • Expense management and receipt storage
  • Add users and manage their access rights
  • Invite your accountant
  • Download reports & account statements
  • Boost sales with your own online store
Home screen in Holvi app
Holvi's Business Mastercard payment cards

Cash flow management

Track your money in real time

With Holvi, you can manage cash flow in real time and see how your finances are doing, at a glance.

  • VAT calculator: Uses your income and expenses to calculate how much you need to save for tax time
  • Invoicing & e-invoicing: Create and send invoices easily from your business account. Get notified the moment you get paid.
  • Real-time profit: Shows how much revenue is left over after expenses, helping you manage costs
  • Balance forecast: Shows your upcoming balance based on scheduled transactions – so you stay ahead of the curve

Top-security business banking

Account security is our top priority

Holvi has implemented various technical and organizational measures to keep your money, account, and business information safe.

  • Holvi account supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Push notifications that notify you about all card activities
  • 2-fold security for online payments – backed by Mastercard® 3D-Secure
  • Lock and unlock your card whenever necessary, using your Holvi app
  • Forgot your PIN? See it in the Holvi app
Security login screen for Holvi App

Happy Holvi customers

A nutritionist shares her recipe for financial wellbeing

‘Holvi has been invaluable in helping me follow cash flow in an easy, visual way – in real time!

A kombucha startup owner finds balance in work life

‘Holvi got our business up and running smoothly – and it’s still making life easier every day.’

Albert loves marketing. But paperwork? Not so much.

‘I can manage most of my finances on the go from my phone. No need to put things off till I get home.’

Open your business account in 3 easy steps

Open your business account from the comfort of your home. Holvi is 100% online.

1. Confirm your identity online

2. Fill in your company information

3. Choose your plan

Clear and simple pricing

Holvi Lite

€9 /month + VAT

Get control of your business finances. Manage payments and stay on top of the numbers.

  • Business banking
  • 1 Business Debit Card
  • 1 Virtual Card
  • Scan & store receipts
  • Real-time profit/loss*
  • Real-time VAT balance*
  • Apple Pay & Google PayTM

Holvi Pro

€15 /month + VAT

Simplify work life. Manage banking, expenses, invoicing and accounting – all in one account.

Everything in Holvi Lite plus:

  • 3 Business Debit Cards
  • Business Credit Card (apply now)
  • 1 Virtual Card
  • Unlimited invoicing & e-invoicing
  • Payment-to-invoice matching
  • Bookkeeping preparation
  • Export reports for tax filing
  • Accounting integrations – or invite your accountant
  • Cheaper ATM & instant top-up fees

Holvi Zen

€79 /month + VAT

Find total peace of mind – with a certified accountant to handle taxes. Focus on business, Holvi does the rest. Available for sole traders in Finnish.

Everything in Holvi Pro plus:

  • Your accounting is done by a certified accountant
  • Personal tax support
  • Never miss a tax deadline – we take care of VAT declaration and payments

Holvi Zen+

€99 /month + VAT

Total tax support, so you can focus on business. Available for sole traders and small limited companies.

Everything in Holvi Pro plus:

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Payroll support
  • Additional accounting service add-ons
  • Customer service in Finnish & English

FAQ – Holvi business account

You can send money via SEPA transfer in euros. You can also send invoices and e-invoices directly from your Holvi account. If you want, you can also set up a Holvi online store to start selling online. To accept card payments you can connect your account to payment terminals like SumUp.

All pricing plans include the following:

You can apply for the Holvi Business Credit Card for even more financial freedom. This lets you cover short-term cash flow gaps and invest in your business.

To open a Holvi business account, you need:

  • Name and address
  • Name, industry and location of your company
  • E-mail address and phone number
  • Bank ID or Mobile ID
  • A Smartphone
  • An estimation of your annual turnover
  • Information about the ownership of your company

Here you can find Holvi’s step-by-step guide to verification