Prep your bookkeeping

Save receipts, sort income and expenses, and see all your numbers – without ever opening a spreadsheet.

  • Save receipts digitally
  • Run income and expense reports
  • Know what you owe in VAT

‘I get a notification when I pay by card, then just follow the prompts to snap a photo of the receipt, choose an expense category and sort it for bookkeeping – that’s it! Now my accounting is so easy my accountant curses when he can’t charge more!’

Albert Virtanen, Marketing Consultant

Snap, sort and save receipts digitally

  • Snap a photo of your receipt
  • Sort into expense an category, add VAT
  • Save a record for tax time

Keep your books up to date, share access

Holvi syncs your transactions to account reports, so you can see income and expense reports at a tap. Give your accountant access or share reports via Dropbox.

Claim back your VAT

Taxes keep you safe and sound, but there’s no sense paying more than you need. Real-time VAT balance calculates how much you owe – and what you can claim back.

See real-time cash flow, look into the future

Holvi dashboard keeps you in control. Our smart graph shows your real-time balance and finance forecast – so managing cash flow is easy. No more spreadsheets or asking the accountant.

  • Invite users – like your accountant
  • Choose what access level to share
  • Create bookkeeping categories – or let your accountant do it
  • Share account reports via Dropbox
  • See real-time cash flow & finance forecast in Holvi dashboard

Easier bookkeeping
as simple as 1, 2, Holvi

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2. So what do you do?

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3. Let’s work together.

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Real-time insights

Get a 24/7 overview of your finances.

100% digital

Store receipts digitally for bookkeeping.

For small businesses

Simply made for your everyday needs.

Still curious?

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About us

We’ve lived and learned the entrepreneur life. Now we’re here to simplify yours.

How it works

Holvi is a full suite of tools – from business account and card, to invoicing, to bookkeeping.


Choose any date range on your Holvi reports. You can download them in XLS or PDF and send via email or Dropbox. Here are the reports we offer:

  • Income statement: Total income, expenses and their sum (net income).
  • Budget report: A breakdown of your income and expense categories, including their transactions and total amounts.
  • Invoicing report: A full list of your invoices, including issue date, due date, payment date and VAT.
  • Accounting journal: A list of every transaction in your account, including date, type, VAT%, category and other important information (accrual/cash based).
  • General ledger: A breakdown of your income and expense categories and transactions they contain, including date, type, VAT%, category and other important information (cash based).
  • VAT report (if your account is VAT liable): A list of transactions that include VAT, organised by their VAT% (cash based).