Easy does it

Effortless billing. Send and receive unlimited e-invoices straight from Holvi.

  • Made for small businesses
  • Automated to save time
  • Fixed price – no extra fees

‘I can invoice from Holvi quickly by choosing from my product inventory. Everything works together – payments, invoicing, accounting. And I get notified as soon as the invoice is paid. Clear and simple.’

Albert Virtanen, Marketing Consultant

What are e-invoices, you ask?

E-invoices go from business to business (B2B). A machine-readable format means less admin and no mistakes. To send e-invoices you need special e-invoicing software – like Holvi!

All your e-invoices in one account

Now small businesses can e-invoice too! Send and receive e-invoices from Holvi. No switching between apps.

Send e-invoices just like normal ones

Send B2B e-invoices the same way you would a normal one. Just add your client’s e-invoice address, tap send and it’s done.

Receive e-invoices – safe and seamless

  • E-invoices won’t get lost in the mailbox
  • Get notified the second an e-invoice arrives
  • No more late payments – just tap to accept

E-invoicing keeps your books up to date

When all your invoicing is in Holvi, your data syncs to income and expense reports for easy bookkeeping. Holvi’s VAT calculator takes it and shows your real-time VAT balance.

  • E-invoice B2B or in public sector
  • European standard e-invoice format
  • Fixed price – send and receive unlimited e-invoices
  • Get your own e-invoice address
  • Data syncs to bookkeeping reports
  • VAT balance always up to date

Open an account with e-invoicing –
as easy as 1, 2, Holvi

1. Hi, nice to meet you!

Share a few details and verify your identity with your bank credentials.

2. So what do you do?

Add some company info to help us verify your business.

3. Let’s work together.

Choose your plan. Start using Holvi and simplify your life.

3-click quick

That’s all it takes to send an e-invoice with Holvi.

Time is money

E-invoices are more likely to get you paid on time.

Bank-level security

This means the money you collect from e-invoicing is always protected.

FAQs – Holvi e-invoicing

No, we don’t charge fees on invoices.* Unlimited invoicing and e-invoicing is included in Holvi Pro.

*We draw the line at 500 e-invoices per month in Holvi Pro. After this, there’s a €0.50 charge per e-invoice. (That’s 16.66 e-invoices per day, every day. So far no one has come close to this limit.) See our Fair Use Policy.

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

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