Connections and Reports

Make your work easier by connecting Holvi to your accounting software and using Holvi-compatible apps.

Bank Connections

Automate your accounting with Bank Connections.

Selected Connections

Transfer account and accounting data automatically and securely.


Explore reports tailored for accounting software.

Other Connections

Manage payments directly from your accounting software

Bank Connections

Bank Connections are available for Holvi Pro, Holvi Lite and Holvi Association pricing plans. Activate your Bank Connection by August 31, 2024, and get it free for 6 months!


Connect Holvi to Netvisor with just a few clicks. Transparent and fixed price. No setup fees or transaction costs.
€6/month + VAT


Connect Holvi to Askelma with just a few clicks. Transparent and fixed price. No setup fees or transaction costs.
€6/month + VAT


Connect Holvi to Acanta with just a few clicks. Transparent and fixed price. No setup fees or transaction costs.
€6/month + VAT

Selected Connections

We have selected a range of applications that you can connect to securely and smoothly using our API. Available for free with the Holvi Pro pricing plan.


Briox fetches account and receipt data automatically without the need for separate file uploads.

Lemon tree

The API connection between Lemon Tree and Holvi transfers accounting data. Account transactions and images of receipts with additional information are automatically sent to the accounting software.

Kitsas PRO

Kitsas Pro is a cost-effective accounting software solution designed specifically for accounting firms. It allows accounting professionals to efficiently serve both traditional and digital clients.


Reports compatible with accounting software have been tested for functionality with Holvi’s accounting partners and software providers.

Your pricing plan affects which reports you can download from Holvi. Learn about Holvi’s different pricing plans here.


The custom report for Procountor includes account information and accounting numbers set in Holvi. Accounting numbers can be freely set and edited.
Excel, CSV


A report compatible with Fivaldi can be downloaded from Holvi. The report includes pre-prepared accounting data from Holvi in addition to account information.

Passeli Merit

Passeli Merit supports Holvi’s XML export file (camt.052), which includes all transactions from the Holvi account.


Briox fetches account and receipt data automatically without the need for separate file uploads.


Import accounting data from Holvi into Netvisor. Holvi Netvisor report enables importing accounting data from Holvi into Netvisor in CSV

Other Connections

Here you’ll find a wide range of integrations that make your business operations smoother. Available for free with all pricing plans.


Download Holvi reports directly to Dropbox with a convenient integration. Easily share reports with your accountant via Dropbox.


NOCFO is a modern and easy-to-use accounting app for small businesses and associations. NOCFO fetches transactions from Holvi and automates accounting with AI.


Odoo is a suite of open source business apps for companies, including CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, and more.


eTasku is a mobile and web app that simplifies handling receipts handling, documents sharing, and travel expenses for businesses. It allows users to scan receipts, automatically calculates travel allowances, and sends the relevant information directly to accountants.

Ukko offers digital entrepreneurship services. Purpose is to ease the employment, invoicing and financial management for self-employed. Ukko offers services as an umbrella company where customer can invoice trough Ukko and also services for Tmi’s and Oy’s, example accounting and cards.


Kitsas is a cost-effective accounting software solution designed specifically for business owners and for DYI bookkeeping. Customer can download the software and store the data on their own computers.


Isolta is an invoicing application that allows business customers to receive and send invoices, also electronically. Isolta includes customer register, sales ledger, salary payment, collection and invoice financing.


Asteri is a user-friendly accounting solution, making easy for businesses of all sizes to handle tasks like double-entry bookkeeping, payroll, bank connections and invoicing.

Easily share reports with your accountant

Reports are readily available in your Holvi app. If your accountant is invited as a user to your Holvi account, they can download reports directly from your account.

Prepare your accounts

Holvi offers a wide range of tools for accounting preparation – even without implementing software integrations.

  • Receipt storage and classification
  • Up-to-date view of your company’s finances
  • Real-time VAT balance
  • Comprehensive reports

APIs and channels for software developers

Holvi’s versatile APIs and data transfer channels enable automatic and secure transmission of account and accounting data.

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Frequently asked questions

The WS (Web Services) channel is a commonly used term when talking about bank connections. However, it is only one way to transmit data.

Holvi offers various channels for creating Bank Connections, including PSD2, SFTP, and API channels. Each channel transmits slightly different data. Holvi’s SFTP channel transmits similar data to traditional WS channels.

More information.

Yes, the file formats used by Holvi’s bank connection correspond to the formats commonly used by banks operating in Finland. The file formats used in traditional WS channels are transmitted via Holvi’s SFTP channel. SFTP is a widely supported format in Bank Connections.

Holvi charges a fixed fee of €6/month + VAT for using the Bank Connection. Accounting software that can be linked with Holvi’s Bank Connection (Netvisor, Askelma, and Acanta) may charge additional fees according to their own pricing models.