Sole traders – Holvi does online accounting now

Sole traders, leave bookkeeping, tax payments and paperwork to us. So you can focus on your business.*

*Service is currently only offered to sole traders in Finnish.

  • Accountant for bookkeeping and taxes
  • Move bookkeeping to Holvi any time
  • No commitments – cancel whenever

‘Holvi lets me track cash flow in a stress-free, easy way. And I always get the sense that people in Holvi are genuinely interested in how their customers are doing.’

Leena Putkonen, Nutritional Therapist

No mistakes

Enjoy peace of mind when a real-life accountant takes care of your bookkeeping and taxes.

Support in chat

What can you deduct in taxes? What’s the ‘VAT relief scheme’? Don’t worry, our certified accountants will help you.

Stay in the know

Get a real-time overview of your finances. We do the paperwork, you sit back and see the numbers.

This is how it works

1. Send invoices from Holvi

Create and send invoices from your Holvi account with just a few taps. Get notified the instant you’re paid.

2. Save receipts

When you make purchases with your Holvi card, you’ll be notified to snap a photo. Holvi will then auto-save it to your account.

3. And that’s it!

We’ll do your accounting and make sure your taxes are paid – so you can say so long to paperwork!

  • A real-life accountant
  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Tax payments according to your tax rate
  • Monthly VAT reports, VAT payments and yearly tax declaration
  • Invoicing – including e-invoices
  • Holvi business account and payment card

Accountant who speaks small business

‘There are so many questions around running a business, and small business owners can’t be experts in everything. As a bookkeeper, I want to help small business owners by taking the burden of paperwork off their shoulders, and bring more peace of mind to their everyday work.

Anna, Accountant

Who’s it for?

  • Yoga instructors
  • Freelance writers
  • Media professionals
  • Personal trainers and coaches
  • IT contractors
  • Independent musicians
  • Photographers and filmmakers
  • Professional dog walkers
  • Graphic designers

Leave bookkeeping to us

1. Hi, nice to meet you!

Share a few details and verify your identity with your bank credentials.

2. So what do you do?

Add some company info to help us verify your business.

3. Let’s work together.

We’ll ask for a few extra details before starting your bookkeeping. After that, bookkeeping and tax payments are on us.

Happy users

86% of users would recommend Holvi Bookkeeper.

Sign up any time

Switch your accounting to Holvi any time, even mid-fiscal year.

Fixed price

So you always know how much you’ll pay.


If you’re not a Holvi user yet, the first step is to register!

Once your account has been verified, we’ll ask for a bit more information before we can take care of your accounting. If your company has already been active – as in, if you’ve done the accounting yourself or had another accountant handle it – you’ll need to submit the latest income statement. You can transfer your bookkeeping to Holvi any point in the fiscal year.

If you’re already a Holvi user, just log in to your account, navigate to Account Settings and Account Pricing. From there, select the Bookkeeper service package. We’ll then ask for more information to start accounting and request your most recent income statement.

It’s essential that your company’s entire cash flow passes through your Holvi account. Your bookkeeping is based on transactions you make using Holvi and the receipts for these transactions.

Here’s how it looks: you collect payments for your work with Holvi’s tools – either by sending invoices from Holvi or by collecting payments with a payment terminal. Bookkeeper is not suitable for sole traders with non-Holvi systems, like PayPal.

To make life easier, Holvi is almost completely automated – but you’ll still need to do a few things. This includes keeping all receipts for paid invoices. And when you make a purchase with your Holvi card, you’ll be prompted to snap a photo of the receipt and add transaction details. Transactions without receipts are treated as private purchases and will not be deducted as business expenses.

With Holvi Bookkeeper, you get single-entry bookkeeping on a monthly basis.

The accounting is carried out by our partner Lemon Tree Oy.

Bookkeeper is designed for sole traders who collect income through invoicing or a payment terminal. Our users include graphic designers, personal trainers, freelance journalists, yoga instructors – you name it!

Bookkeeper is not suitable for businesses who have employees or are required to do double-entry bookkeeping. The service is not currently available for limited companies.

Our support team can answer most questions. But if you have a trickier question about bookkeeping or taxes, our support team will forward it to Lemon Tree’s bookkeeping team. We direct questions to bookkeepers through our support – so please, always contact us first.

You can reach our support team through the usual channels: live chat, email or phone.

With Bookkeeper, you get bookkeeping for a fixed price of 69 € + VAT.

The plan includes bookkeeping, tax payments and declarations and all Holvi tools: business account, Holvi Business Mastercard® and invoicing (including e-invoices).

We want to keep our pricing as clear and transparent as possible. See our full pricing table for all service fees.

We offer Bookkeeper in collaboration with accounting agency Lemon Tree. Their accountants will take care of your bookkeeping and tax payments.

Still curious?

Find answers to your questions in our Help Centre, or contact Holvi Support.

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