Holvi is leaving the UK. This means all Holvi accounts in the UK will expire on 31 October 2020. Read our blog for more details.

Work life simplified

Holvi’s all-in-one account helps you calm the chaos of self-employment.

All your business under one roof

Collect earnings

Create, send and track invoices right in Holvi. Get paid fast, and keep your business earnings separate from personal finances.

Pay expenses

Cover your costs with Holvi Business Mastercard® and simplify complicated tasks like expense reporting and receipt matching.

See the big picture

From real-time cash flow insights to detailed accounting reports, get the info you need to make smarter business decisions.

A kombucha startup owner finds balance in work life

Krister knows what it takes to turn zeal into a thriving business – and how using the right tools can help you hold onto some precious free time.

A dietitian shares her recipe for financial well-being

Leena stumbled into self-employment. Now she revels in the freedom, making choices that support her well-being – and her profit margins.

A marketer discovers how to avoid the paperwork pileup

Albert’s company got off to a strong start, with more customers than he could handle. But how does he keep paperwork in check amidst the flurry of work?

I became a Holvi customer because all the other banks told me, ‘In a month, we can meet you and set up an account.’ Holvi set me up immediately. It was, ‘Here’s an online login. You’re welcome.

Albert Virtanen, Marketing consultant

We speak small business

Expert live chat support. Our team is made up of Makers and Doers.

You’ll never work alone

Holvi is trusted by over 200,000 small businesses and freelancers.

Bank-level security

Your money is safe with us. Bank-level security means your funds are always protected.