Holvi launches virtual debit cards

November 9, 2022 Philipp Seidel

Berlin, 9 November 2022 – Holvi, the online banking service for small businesses, is introducing virtual debit cards. All pricing plans now include a virtual debit card with a unique card number, offering tighter security, more transparency and better control over company spending. More cards can be added as needed. Holvi customers can now create virtual cards in seconds and use them to pay anywhere, online and in shops.

One card for business travel, one for online subscriptions, another for software licences and one for a single project? No problem. With Holvi Virtual Debit Cards, small business owners can create new virtual debit cards for any purpose in seconds, and use their cards instantly. Virtual cards offer a convenient alternative to physical payment cards and are suitable for one-off and recurring business expenses. Holvi customers can also add virtual cards to e-wallets to pay in stores using their smartphone.

“Anyone opening a Holvi account can activate a virtual card and use it to pay anywhere, instantly. With no need to wait for a physical card to arrive in the post, small business owners can hit the ground running,” explains Tuomas Toivonen, CEO of Holvi. “We have fully integrated our virtual cards into the Holvi business account and connected them to our invoicing and accounting features. This way, small business owners can manage their entire business in one account and app and have more visibility and control over their company spending.” 

One virtual debit card included in all pricing plans

One virtual debit card is included in all Holvi pricing plans. With Holvi Pro, each additional virtual card costs €2 per month. Small business owners can create and use up to 10 virtual cards. Once a virtual card has been created, the card details can be found in the Holvi app. Users can access the virtual cards directly via the Holvi account and digital wallets. In addition, cards can be locked and unlocked in real time without affecting physical Holvi cards.

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